The Disseminating for Impact series was launched by the National Dissemination Center for Children with Disabilities as a vehicle for beginning and furthering the Dissemination CoP's discussions. Here are the issues that are available thus far. Future issues will also be posted here.

Issue 1 |You're Invited
Here’s your invite to join the Dissemination CoP. Find out what the plot is, why we’ve started the CoP, and what you can gain and contribute by joining.

Issue 2 |Starting the Discussion
Take a quick look at key points in the dissemination research, which we’ve also distilled in our blog posts on the main page: the 10 questions we’re itching to ask, conceptual underpinnings, and dissemination’s bottom line. Why repeat the blog posts in a PDF? Because the PDF looks great and makes the info easy to share with others, if you’d like. References are also available (in a separate file that also looks good!).

Issue 3 |Crafting a Dissemination Plan That Works
Take a deeper look at key points in the dissemination research (also distilled separately in several blog posts), including the elements of an effective dissemination plan and why “audience” is such a pivotal consideration.

Issue 4 |Dissemination Planning: Considering Your Audience
Building atop the discussion in Issue 3, we add much more detail about facets of considering your audience when you're planning, developing, and dissemination something new.


Special Issue | Guide to Using Facebook in Dissemination
If you're interested in exploring Facebook as a dissemination vehicle for your TA&D project, you may be interested in this "how-to" guide, designed expressly with the TA&D network in mind.


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Very appreciative of these crisp, practical products. Thanks also for the references we might need to go deeper. Great work
Karen Blase
Great to hear from you, Karen. And it's good to know that you found these docs "crisp" and "practical." Everyone's so busy that it didn't seem a very good idea to write something detailed and exhaustive to start discussions. It's hard to judge how much detail people would prefer, tho, and I hope folks will weigh in about that. It would be good guidance for NICHCY as the Dissemination CoP moves forward.


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